Fix your mental health

Would you fix your car if it needed it?

Imagine its Monday and your driving to work. Your car is making a strange noise but you decide to ignore it and continue with your journey. Its now Tuesday and you are driving to work, the car is still making a strange noise. As the weeks go on your car continues to make a strange noise and the noise continues to get louder and louder. A month goes by and the loud noise continues but it is now accompanied by a huge puff of black smoke coming from the exhaust.

Who’s thinking just take it to the garage?

Simple answer right… right

So would you hold your self in the same regard as your car? If you are feeling low, if your suffering from anxiety or if you are feeling lost would you book yourself in to get a check-up? Would you go visit a counsellor?

I wonder why if your car needs attention you automatically think to take it to the garage but if your mental health needs your attention why do we look past that? Shouldn’t it be something that we naturally do? If we all did this, visit a counsellor when our mental health needs attention then we would normalise going to see a counsellor, it would be like taking your car to the garage or going to the dentist for toothache.

Imagine if everyone did this. Imagine your anxiety never getting so bad you can’t leave the house because you booked in for a session when the noise started.

Imagine not having to use alcohol as a support because you booked a session with a counsellor when you began to feel lost and alone..


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